a kid rant

my kid has been the most horrible little monster the last few days. who knew a 4 year old could be so snotty??? not wanting to go to sleep. not wanting to eat dinner. telling us to "be quiet." refusing to listen. not obeying. tonight he locked himself in the upstairs bathroom and ignored me when i told him to open the door. i could hear him rummaging around the drawers and cabinets for a few minutes before he finally unlocked the door. when he came out, i spanked him (t.v. has already been taken away for the week and he already had a timeout), he cried for a few minutes, then he told me that he's a big boy and old enough to take care of himself. i love the kid more than anything, but he gets on my last nerve sometimes. at times, it feels like he has to be the most consistently stubborn 4 year old ever in existance.